A Night Time Snack is Just What The Doctor Ordered

A Night Time Snack is Just What The Doctor Ordered

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We have all been told that “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” and while this may be true, what about the benefits of the opposite side of the spectrum, night time snacking? There is much ambiguity on this concept and unfortunately, we have been accustomed to a disposition that says, “When it comes to night time snacking, a movement on the lips is a movement on the hips!” While this may seem paradoxical, at UpStar, we question the validity of this thinking. Let’s delve into some fun research and ideas to see just what the doctor has ordered!

We performed a survey with fifty individuals, male and female, ranging from 22 to 40 years old to see where we stand on the idea of night time snacking. Here were the results:


Immediately, we can see that night time snacking is favored as a bad tendency. But as we dive into the results, we also notice that there are many individuals that “Aren’t quite sure” based on their knowledge of health, wellness, and nutrition. Why is this?

The U.S Department of Agriculture Weight Control states, “it does not matter what time of day you eat. It is what and how much you eat and how much physical activity you do during the whole day that determines whether you gain, lose, or maintain your weight.” In layman’s terms, this is a simple formula between calories consumed versus calories burned. All of these statements are highly valuable and in many degrees, we agree with their beliefs. But here is the turning point.

While we sleep, a multitude of biological processes take place in order to rejuvenate or bodies. For example, we grow muscle tissue through protein synthesis and human growth hormones are released. 

Protein synthesis is simply the removing or repairing of damaged proteins and building new proteins that are stronger replicas of the original. These new proteins have the capacity to handle more physical stress, allowing our bodies to grow and expand in muscular size and strength. Here is the secret: This adaption doesn’t occur while we are lifting, it occurs while we are resting! Now the question becomes, “How can I prepare myself before bed to stimulate and enhance protein synthesis?”

The answer... Consuming Casein Protein (Most notably found in Milk Protein Concentrate)!

In addition, the National Sleep Foundation states that when it comes to sleep, “Tryptophan is magic!” For those unfamiliar, this is the amino acid which produces serotonin and promotes deeper sleep. At UpStar, we utilize a Milk Protein Concentrate which incorporates high levels of Tryptophan to ensure a good night’s sleep!

To answer our original question, night time snacking can certainly be beneficial to our health, wellness, building lean muscle, and level of sleep

At UpStar, We have engineered a high protein, low-calorie, and low sugar ice cream that serves as a great nutritional bed time snack!  

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  • I didn’t realize casein protein had a prolonged release in your body. Night time snacking FTW!

    Jessica on

  • This is interesting, night time snacking is definitely a struggle of mine.

    Really cool read guys!

    Taylor on

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