Cole Sager's Secret To Becoming A Crossfit Games Athlete

Cole Sager's Secret To Becoming A Crossfit Games Athlete

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We recently sat down with Cole Sager to get some insider secrets on his diet plan when training for the Crossfit Games! Turns out, Cole has a hankering for ice cream.

Check out Cole's Testimony at the link below:

"So realistically for me, if I want a pint of UpStar... Well first off, let's be honest. I have a hankering for ice cream. All the time. Any time of the day I would eat ice cream. I would be totally cool with that. But because I track macros, it's one of those things that I have to be mindful of. I am very in tune with the quantity of food that I am taking in every day. 

So if I want that treat at the end of the day, I am mindful of it and make sure I save enough numbers to be able to fit a pint of UpStar. And the great things about it is, I don't have to save very much. Because it's so low calorie, and because there is such a low amount of carbs, and the right amount of protein in it. And it's low in fat! It's easy to fit in my day. 

I don't have to sacrifice other areas of my nutrition during the day in order to fit it. So that is the best part about it and the thing I love the most."

- Cole Sager


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