Summer Body in Session, UpStar Ice Cream to the Rescue!

Summer Body in Session, UpStar Ice Cream to the Rescue!

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With summer just around the corner, there are many of us looking to shed our “Winter Coats” and instantly build those “Summer Bods” we continually fantasize about. Now, we’ve all heard the saying time and time again: It’s simple, less carbs and more protein. In many cases this dietary recipe stands true, however, why do many of us throw away our passion for healthy living when the clock strikes 9:00pm? For all the ice cream lovers out there, you know what I am talking about!

Here are 2 ways UpStar empowers you to achieve your greatest physical potential and dietary needs!

 Healthy Night Time Dessert:

Surely, we can simply go Cold Turkey and pull a Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson by giving up all desserts for a whole three months. And all I can say is “Good Luck!” Rewarding myself with a dessert every Friday night is a staple, a mechanism to reinforce all the hard work during the weekday and established the start to a remarkable weekend. But here is the epidemic we face…

An average pint of Ben & Jerry’s looks something like this:

Calories: 1,100

Fat: 60 grams

Carbs: 124 grams

Sugars: 104 grams

Protein: 16 grams

It is no reason why these ice cream pints taste so darn good! But the detriment this has on your body prior to sleep is irreversible, literally. To give you the short story, here is what happens:

  1. Ice cream enters our body in a complex form and our metabolism breaks it down into individual components used for the body’s basic processes
  2. Excess sugars, fat, and carbohydrates release a hormone called “Insulin”, which regulates your blood sugar levels. Too much insulin equates to the buildup of fat cells, at an exponential rate during the night!
  3. Leftover glucose from the consumption of high glycemic carbs results in even more fat cell buildup!
  4. Once you build new fat cells, they can NEVER go away… period.

At UpStar, we recognize that ice cream is a dessert that not only satisfies dessert cravings but more importantly brings joy, happiness, and community together! So instead of going through the cyclical patterns of dieting, eating a bad dessert, feeling guilty, and starting over, why not just replace the problem in the first place: the unhealthy dessert!  

An average pint of UpStar tells a different story:

Calories: 320 Calories

Fat: 12 grams

Carbs: 56 grams

Sugars: 20 grams

Protein: 20 grams

Casein Protein:

There are many forms of protein which make up 75% of the human body, however, Whey and Casein are the two most pronounced types. We will discuss the differences between these two proteins in a later blog post however, please know that casein protein is an essential item to eat prior to bed! Why you ask???

  1. Prolongs protein synthesis by 6-8 hours, keeping your body in an anabolic state to stimulate muscle recovery
  2. Contains high levels of Amino Acids and BCAA’s such as Glutamine necessary for muscle growth
  3. Thermogenesis – it is twice as hard to process protein than it is for carbs and fats, boosting your metabolism, ultimately burning more calories throughout the night
  4. Stores high levels of tryptophan, the amino acid known as the sleeping pill! This amino acid produces increased levels of serotonin, the happiness drug, to reduce anxiety and stress to ensure a good night’s sleep

We encourage our UpStar family to begin incorporating casein protein into your night time ritual right away!

Have a great week UpStar fam!


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